Zimmerman Signs with the Tigers

Tigers and Red Sox pinged the radar this week at APEX Baseball Betting.  Detroit is trying to demonstrate that they are not in full blown rebuild mode.  Meanwhile, Boston is trying to ship a recently acquired player that does not fit the Dombrowski mold.  So without any further ado, let us get down to the rumors for two down and out former American League powers.

Dodgers and Tigers Bidding War?

Los Angeles was trying to move in and get Zimmerman from the Nationals.  Unfortunately, Detroit swooped in to get the starter.  At age 29, he has several good years ahead of him before a loss of velocity due to age should set in.

Contract Details

Five year deal around $110 million is the scuttlebutt going around the Motor City.  Jordan is durable with over two hundred innings pitched.  He also has 164 strikeouts last year which the Tigers adore with their starting staff.

Stay tuned to APEX Baseball Betting to see the other domino fall with the rumored Hanley Ramirez trade out of Boston.