World Series Export?

North of the Border could become the official destination of the World Series champs.  In order to qualify to win the coveted hardware, one must first qualify for the playoffs.  Toronto has finally done so on Friday evening.  While the division is not entirely decided, the Jays have at least qualified for the Wild Card.  APEX Baseball Betting takes a peek at this event and decides if they are the favorite to win the World Series.


One of the two men traded for that sparked this is currently out.  Tulo  has a crack in his shoulder blade after the debate on whom should catch a pop up went undecided.  The collision has caused him to be out for quite a while but now he is up and throwing.  An appraisal of as early as next week for his return would get that swing of his in fine working order.  To have the full complement would most certainly make them a favorite even over the Royals at this stage.

Very Muted for Over Two Decades

Josh Donaldson came right out and said it that they would not be sated with a wild card berth.  The goal was to win the division.  So 1993 is now a fond memory.  The six game lead they had to hurdle on August first was easily erased.  The difference maker is the example that David Price provides the starting staff day in and day out.  He has a sub two ERA, multiple head to head wins over the Pinstripes, and and under one WHIP during his time at Toronto.  The rest of the starters picked up this beat and Toronto have been very profitable in the runline wagers for cappers.

The candle on the cake was the manner in which they consistently waxed the Yankess.  Three shutouts in the series allowed the Jays to easily consume the Yank’s lead in the AL East.  Mark Buehrle once again defied his age with his monster amount of innings he pitched.  Finally, the young arm in the bunch came back from an ACL injury to get a critical shutout win against the Yanks when the Jays were on the verge of giving it back.  All in all, this is by far your best bet for the AL Team to advance to the World Series.