Will The Tigers Move Price? How Will KC Cope Without Vargas?


Symbolic Struggle

Sometimes even the most enjoyable moments watching baseball can be a source of frustration.  Here we see a child at an Angels’s game trying to partake of a hot dog.  Problems present themselves which cause him to drop the ball.  Instead of giving up, he just picks himself up and merrily finds a new path to the prize.  Our baseball wagering is like this.  Runlines go bad or even worse is that we were not even close in our projections.  Time to jump into a new approach to get the prize we know lies right in front of us.

Courtship of David Price

What a tangled web Detroit finds itself in.  A bidding war could escalate for David Price which might even have the free spending Tigers thinking of selling.  The Cubs want to unite Joe Maddon with David Price for their post season push.  This is just the start of the line as there are as many as eight different suitors desiring the Tiger.  Daivd is considered to be a rental at this point as he will be surely seeking a six or seven year deal at only slightly less than Max Scherzer money.  If the Tigers do decided to sell, look for them to first go to Boston as they are blessed with one of the premier farm systems in all of baseball.  One of the most riveting franchise decisions will play out in the next few weeks for the Tigerss.

Finally look for the Royals to make a decisive move for Cole Hamels.  KC lost Vargas to season ending Tommy John surgery.  The franchise lost some free agents last year but is still the cream of the crop in the American League.  To keep them on this perch, they will need more help in the starting rotation.  KC was forced to recall Yordano Ventura who has been brutal for most of the season.  Even with all the dynamics their team has, starting pitching in the form of one or two aces is a necessity for playoff success.  Thank you for reading the APEX Baseball Betting Minute and catch up with us later in the week for more industry news.