Why Betting the MLB Grand Salami is Fun

There are few bets that are as fun as betting on the world-famous MLB Grand Salami. So what is the salami? No, it’s not a delectable deli favorite. It’s one of the hottest bets you can make, and no, not hot and spicy like freshly sliced salami.

We’ll stop the food puns and focus on betting from hereon, we promise.


Anyway, the MLB Grand Salami is a very simple bet: All of the totals on the day are combined for an aggregate over/under total.

You can either bet on the over or the under, just like any other over/under bet.

But what makes the Grand Salami so fun?

A Great Bet for Casuals

One of the best reasons it’s great for casual baseball bettors is the simplicity of the bet. Sometimes, explaining odds and moneylines to casual bettors can get complicated, but when you break it down in the simplest means of betting, which is betting on the runs scored, it really clicks with the novice bettors.

This makes it a great choice for people trying to spice things up as a casual bettor. You know, someone just trying to throw $20 on some games for fun. But other rookie bettors can enjoy getting in on the action as a means of playing it for the long haul.

Why not throw $20 on the MLB Grand Salami every day for a week when making your baseball picks? It could be a nice little free dinner a week, right? Or, at worst, a dinner spent a week if you lose. At the end of the day, you’re having fun, and that’s ultimately the point of casual wagering.

Bet Macro Trends in Baseball

One of the best ways to bet games in a macro manner involves the Grand Salami. Are batters across MLB getting really hot and pitchers really weak? Logic would tell you that you’d see a lot more overs.

Are pitchers lights out, or is there a slate of aces taking the mound on a Monday night? It’s time to take the under. There are many things to keep in mind with a shortened MLB season.

This versatility affords bettors who want to cash in on big trends the option to do so. For a comparison, think of individual games or teams as stocks and think of the Grand Salami as an index fund. You don’t have to bet on an individual stock; simply bet on the entire league.

Are teams playing well and scoring well? Bet the overs. Playing sloppy and low scoring? Bet the unders.

The versatility and flexibility to wager on what you want and win as much as possible are complete at your fingertips if your sportsbook offers the MLB Grand Salami.

Have a Stake in Every Game

Why just bet one game when you can bet all of them?

The Grand Salami is essentially a bet on the total outcomes of every over/under. Rather than just settling for one, get in on the action and bet on every single game, albeit by proxy.

Ultimately, whether it’s getting in on every game, making things simple, or betting league-wide trends, you’ve got to get in on betting the MLB Grand Salami.