Whom You Roll With Affects Your Bottom Line


Whether an athlete or one of us whom wager on sports, who you roll with makes a big difference.  An illustration of this can be seen in two of the higher profile free agent pitcher signings that occurred this offseason.  Whom can out on the short stick and by how much?  More importantly, how does this relate to our bankrolls and the upcoming baseball season?  This issue will be tackled right now at Apex Baseball Betting.

California Chunk

We had worried about Max being late to the party in terms of his contract.  The world was wrong in this regard as he got a multi-year deal in excess of 210 million.  Wording of it was such that he could get as much as twenty million in tax benefits due to its structure.  This is in now small part to his representation.  Now we have Jamie Shields making headlines not only for his $75 million dollar deal but that he will probably only see close to forty million of it.  Being in California comes an over ten percent state tax. Also the contract is not as crisp and it takes tax hits that the Scherzer deal does not.  In the end, it looks like whom you roll with can greatly affect your bottom line.

America’s Bookie and Baseball Wagering


It is all about savings.  Once experience allows you to determine a few quality outs in the offshore market like America’s Bookie then one can proceed from there.  Bankrolls are often put to the test as we try to determine which way the winds will blow for the 2015 season.  America’s Bookie with their ample promotional packages gives you that boost to bolster your bankroll.  I typically obtain a freeplay package.  What this allows me to do is to make some risk free wagers that if I lose cost me nothing.  However, if I emerge victorious in these selections, the winnings are credited as cash to my account.  I can swing for the fences and round the bases if my hunches come through.  This is the boon that the Bookie is famous for.

Spring ball is almost upon us.  Time to get out those rosters and examine the key offseason moves.  Next time at Apex Baseball Betting we will look at whom go richer and what teams are on the decline.