Whom has Done the Best/Worst in Post Season Signings?

West coast baseball has been the beneficiary of some of the best offseason moves so far heading into 2016.  What has caused us to upgrade the Mariners?  Sad for them that the only team that really did a better swindle resides in their own division!  Read up on APEX Baseball Betting to find out whom the Mariners got and what other club extracted more than a pound of flesh from the Atlanta Braves this offseason.

Fan of the Mariners

Center field was a wasteland of disappointment last season for Seattle.  They needed an upgrade and certainly got one on the defensive side.  Leonys Martin was whom they coveted and they came through.  Stellar roaming and arm ability but a decline in his bat as of late.  Any sort of rebound from his.219 BA will certainly get his WAR above one this time around.  With the addition of Benoit to the bullpen, the Mariners have made the quiet moves that bolster this team’s playoff chances.

  • Both Sides won in the Kimbrel  trade with San Diego probably getting a little of the better of it over Boston.

Harsh Verdict for Atlanta

Andrelton Simmons is that once in a generation defensive shortstop that flourishes in environment of the National League.  As long as he is average at bat then he is a gem to behold.  To put this in perspective, the defensive metric called runs saved displays his value over everyone else.  Since 2012, he has saved 112 runs.  The next closest is far away at 89 from Jason Heyward.  Atlanta got a shortstop in return, prospects, and $2.5 million in cash.  This is not the magic beans that they hosed Detroit to get John Smoltz decades ago.  They gave far too much up for a very iffy proposition and a go nowhere 2016 season.  Congratulations to the Angels, you got the deal of the year so revel in it.