Who has that Final Kick to Make it in the MLB Playoffs?

People that play with numbers can often come up with combinations that astound even the veteran handicapper.  Take the division lead of the Kansas City Royals.  It is an almost invulnerable twelve games in the AL Central.  Nothing there that makes you take pause until you consider the following.  The leads in all the over five divisions combined do not total the lead that KC has.  With that much flux in the other races, let us line up some props and future Free Picks on Who Makes the MLB Playoffs this year.


If you love big hits and even bigger collapses then the AL West is for you.  What casual fan could not get behind the Texas Rangers.  Left for utterly dead, they score a ton and let in almost as much.  That they are only 4.5 back is amazing until you look at the give away both the teas ahead of the are doing.  The Angels are turning on themselves yet again while the Astros go through those growing pains.  We like Houston because of the positive aspects and attitudes displayed on their team.

  • Overachieving New York getting swept by Toronto is the end times for them in the AL East.  Anything other than that and they could convince themselves to be in it.  Jays are elite and showing it now.
  • Wild Card AL :  Throw out Tampa from this equation.  Baltimore is surging and are being overshadowed by the Jays.  With the Angels and Yanks battling for the last spot, we go with New York as LAA spends too much time bickering as Trout languishes in this purgatory.

Slugging Their Way In

Our NL West prediction is the Dodgers despite their bullpen giving it almost all away.  It will not be there starting pitching but a resurgent offensive attack that will lead them over the Giants.  Meanwhile, the Cardinals are at seventy wins and can not put space enough to be comfortable against two teams.  Pitt and Chicago are surging but STL is still too good to be caught in the NL Central.

  • Season ending series at Citi allows the Mets to creep by the Nationals.
  • Pirates and Giants are your wild cards as the Cubs will not have the gas to make it and the Nationals will be left asking themselves how they missed the playoffs this year.

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