Which Mets are the Real Ones?

World beaters or also rans come through minds when thinking of the 2015 Mets.  A 13-3 start has been hamstrung with a 7-11 current mark.  At 20-14, they are in no immediate peril but do not have the world on a string like they did before.  Apex Baseball Betting will peer behind the curtain and do the math to determine if the NYM are a buy or a sell for the immediate future.

Short Term Factors

Lagares, Wright, and D’Arnaud have all been felt when they went missing.  Couple that with facing a higher caliber of pitching and this forms the basis for most of the regression.  Add to this the snowball effect and it might go downhill even after they face average pitching.  When you pres too much, it takes time to get back into that groove.  Only Duda has been remotely productive in their lineup as of right now.

Trio of Lumps

Production at the top of the lineup is gone.  Granderson, Cuddyer, and Murphy all are hitting slightly over their weights.  All of them go for way to many extra base hits.  Contact that had been prevalent is AWOL right now.  No matter what division they are in, 20-14 would be vulnerable.  They lead the Nats by a smidgen.  With the Cardinals in the Central and LA out west, no road is ripe in the NL this year.  This will be more about time healing all wounds.

Run production will improve slightly.  As they get all of their wounded back slowly, can this team tread water?  They will lose this division as their offensive flaws can not be hid even by their staff.  The wild card might be in their future but ninety games would probably be needed.  For the next two weeks, the Mets are your sell in the NL. June and July they will pick up so Mets fans save your bankroll until the calendar turns to another month.  Good fortune and we will see you later at APEX Baseball Betting