Trends for Two Teams in June

Two prominent teams have seen changes in their philosophy.  The Dodgers are the beneficiary of a star’s return.  However in the Big Apple, one of the teams could read a simple report easily to determine whether this was the best time to start a wide spread change.  Find out what these were and the wagering changes we embrace as a result of this in today’s edition of Apex Baseball Betting.

Puig’s Return Gives Dodgers Dimensions in Offense

LA can score with the best of them but the Dodgers still suffer in two ways at the plate.  The first is that they are still feast or famine to a large extent.  Second is that a greater than optimal dependence on the home run limits them.  This can be solved to a certain extent with Yasiel’s return from injury.  Saturday saw plenty of rust in his game as he K’ed twice on just seven pitches.  However when they need it, he produced a double and would score a run in the 2-0 win last night over St. Louis.  As he whipped around third, the concerns over his hamstrung appear to be a thing of the past.  Give it a few days and then start focusing on the Dodger’s over on a regular basis.

Mets Meltdown

While it is admirable to not take testing a theory down with the sinking ship, Dillon Gee is one unhappy camper in New York.  Terry Collins had made headlines for utilizing a six man rotation for his starting pitching.  However the Mets are ditching it only after a week or so of implementation.  This was not even about results but about problems that could have been forseen with a calendar.  Only after pulling the trigger did management realize that some of the starters would be on ice for too long.  Alas what could have been a sport changing strategy instead met the rubbish bin before its time.  Now the pitching staff is more vexed and we should fade the Mets for the time being.

So there we have it.  Look for overs on the Dodgers more carefully starting Monday.  Also the Mets are heading for a meltdown so do not give them the benefit of the doubt in any push circumstance.  Good fortune in utilizing these changes and we will see you next time at Apex Baseball Betting.