Trade Deadline is Not the End of Wheeling and Dealing

The fever might not run as hot however the trading is not considered to be completed even after the July 31st deadline.  Waivers allow for some deals to be done even if it is not with the utter abandon we saw late last month.  APEX Baseball will list some names, destinations, and other dimensions that could still alter the landscape of baseball and wagering on it for the rest of 2015.

Who Still Lacks What?

  • Winning for both sides would be Chase Utley to the Cubs from Philadelphia.  Now this has to come with his blessing since he is a member of the 10-5 club.  However, if his ankle has recovered, he should be eager to escape the Phillies and their innumerable reboots.
  • San Diego must part with Ian Kennedy.  They get nothing for him if they let him go free agent.  Padres almost gone from the playoffs. KC would have interest and be willing to spend.  His recent stats are much better than his overall for 2015.
  • Minnesota lacks a complete bullpen.  Their name has been associated with Benoit of the Padres.  Twins should lay off as they are going nowhere and have problems much more pressing on the offensive side of things.

We Are Already Paying Him

More people can be let go from San Diego.  The massive hole at second can be filled with Martin Prado for the Yankees.  NYY already has to pay a cool three million each year of his salary.  Prado’s OPS is not world beating but is much better than Drew’s for the Yankees right now.  This makes sense but the Yankee’s skipper is not his biggest proponent and Giaradi needs to make the next step up right now.

Finally, does ST. Louis want to tinker with a fine oiled machine?  Carlos Gonzalez would love to go there and most teams would love to have his hot hand right now.  However, his splits from Coors to the road are some of the most pronounced in the league.  A slump by him could sap all their momentum.  One of those that looks good on paper but should be shunned.  Chase Utley could be a game changer for the Cubs.  All the rest of the moves could shore up but not alter the course of the ships sailed after the trade deadline.  Stay tuned to APEX Baseball betting for more on this and other MLB wagering altering events going on right now.