Windows Closing for Two Premier Trade Baits

Struggling teams have to decide pretty soon if they are buyers or sellers in the upcoming market.  Partly a matter of what division they are in, some can stay in it to the end just due to a lack of quality competition.  Others are stuck in a region where the other teams see money as no object.  So follow Apex Baseball Betting as we speculate on the fates of the Boston Red Sox and Colorado Rockies today.

Shrinking Market

Philadelphia had a somewhat captive audience when Boston kept sniffing around for Cole Hamels.  With the Phillies languishing once again, it was somewhat surprising that the front office has stuck to their guns with their high asking price.  True it is one of their few bargaining chips but time is running out.  Only the ineptitude of every team in that division has the Red Sox still in it at 22-27.  If and when the trigger is pulled, the Red Sox should respond so Apex Baseball Betting will be looking at this carefully.

Bruised Produce

Remember going to the grocery store to see those shrunk wrapped fruits and vegetables at a reduced price.  A little past their prime, they still had value but the owners had to act fast to get a return from it.  This is what is happening if Coors Field would ever have a garage sale.  Troy Tulowitzki and high value are becoming strangers with each passing moment.  The Rockies are doomed this season and the only thing stopping this is the month in which the franchise chooses to pull the ripcord.  They better act quickly because at 213 games lost because of injury does not bode well in the memories of teams since 2012.

There you have it.  Philadelphia better come down to reality before a team makes a run in the AL East.  Colorado realizes their fate but does not want to alienate the fan base by proclaiming 2015 a loss too soon.  As soon as these moves happen, Cole and Troy will bring their perspective teams the help they need.  Good fortune and we will have our Free Pick of the Week next time.