Tori Derailing Minnesota

Team Work is Gone From Minnesota

Tori Hunter was brought on to a young team for chemistry and to provide a sterling example for the young team.  They could have gotten better players for the same price but opted for the hometown boy.  His recent meltdown against Mark Ripperger has resulted in him being suspended two games.  It came in the midst of a loss to the Royals and surrendering the lead in the AL Central during their homestand.  Not only this but he plans on appealing this and dragging it on.  By his own words he has always accepted his punishment before and does not know the process on how to appeal.  This one two combination by him will help derail this team’s surprising season.  Fade them for the next month as their price will be too high.

Impressions for the Start of June

  • Giancarlo is a beast for Miami.  He is superior in his swings translation of power into the ball.  Not only does it appear to fly off the bat faster than anyone else but science backs it up. The magic 115 mph mark it goes from the bat he has done thirteen times this year.  The closest person to that only has three at that velocity or higher.
  • Puig is giving more of the good double edge quality this time around.  The walk on the wild side has been scorching since his return.  Forget all other numbers but the Dodgers are 4-1 with him since he came back.  The dimensions he gives them on offense is the difference maker for LA

The main one we can leave with is the hit or miss nature of the Houston Astros.  They are rebuilt under an archaic plan.  It will get them regular season wins but will have weeks of famine as well.  All power but boy when they connect, it is a beauty to see.  This week they have been misfiring and lost seven straight.  A more polarizing team you can not ask for so keep this in mind when placing your wagers at America’s Bookie.  Check us out today and get ready for the upcoming football season with one of their generous promotional packages.