Time to Fade the Cardnials

Apex Baseball Betting does not want to continually dash the hopes of our readers.  We have come out with a lot of recommendations as of late as to which teams to stay clear of.  An optimistic piece was on the screen when a news flash dashed the hopes of that highlight piece.  What high profile injury is another hammer blow to a team that has been doing very well this season.

Wrong Type of Catch

Matt Holliday rumbled in from his normal left field stop.  In his mind’s eye, he had quickly calculated his approach and determined that a diving catch could be made.  With a devil be damned attitude, he committed to this course of action.  Everything was going well when fate struck in the form of a cleat.  At the worst of possible times, the bottom of his shoe caught in the turf with Matt not sticking the landing.  Knee clutched in pain, the results from the batter’s hit dwarfed that of his leg crashing into the ground.

Right Quadriceps Strain = Tear

Tuesday we will know the severity of this issue.  In the region of the quad, several St. Louis players have had them of late.  All of them have remained on the shelf for a period of at least two months.  There is no good time for this but the Cardinals were playing well even after losing high profile players.  Wainwright is missing for the season.  The number four batter in the lineup is also gone.  This has a lot of ramifications past one night’s 11-3 loss to the Rockies.

So Denver will be remembered where we will make a wagering stand for June of 2015.  The Cardinals are now on the fade list.  Winners of three out of four against the Dodgers, their momentum is clearly gone.  Good prices will be available against them as the formulas and models will need some time to catch up to this.  May fortune favor us as we bet against the Cardinals until the end of the month.