Time to Fade Tampa

Sometimes everyone on the train can sense when the ride is about to end.  The station is rapidly approaching for the 13-10 Rays.  They are over +335 in profit but have had some fortunate circumstances to cash in.  Florida got to host a team distracted from all the rioting in Baltimore.  Now the Orioles and their city have some balance, now is the time to strike.  Apex Baseball Betting has proclaimed that the time to fade Tampa is at hand.

Apathy Seeps In

Their manager was the main reason why Tampa was in it every year.  Maddon is one of those rare minds that can work with all levels of talent.  With him being gone, the detriments of playing here come out.  Their stadium reminds people of the Homer Dome up in Minnesota.  Their fans were apathetic when they were in the race.  Now with the commute to get their, the fans are staying home in droves.  Without the energy of home support, their home field advantage is next to nothing these days.

Chris Archer Hits the Wall

Finally the ace of Tampa will tucker out.  No earned runs in his last three starts.  He is owning the opposition with twenty seven strikeouts in a shade over nineteen innings.  His points of vulnerability are that he has given up a couple of long balls at Tropicana this year.  He also does not have optimal ground outs verses fly ball outs.  When players connect, the balls flies out against him.

There has been quite a lot of movement on this game.  Baltimore got up to +148 and a flurry of wagering got it down to +125.  Apex baseball betting recommends that you watch the market.  When it gets above +130, it is time to strike on Baltimore.  Good fortune in your wager and we will see you next time at Apex Baseball Betting.