Those That Have Excelled in Their Roles for 2015

At times even seeing the numbers does not sink in until someone tells me.  My friend was extolling the job the Diamondbacks have done this year and he could tell my eyes were rolling into the back of my head.  Sensing my skepticism, he tells me “You do know they have the same record as the Nationals!”  That snapped me back into reality and I realized that a valuable ML mine had escaped our attention for most of 2015.  Well today at APEX Baseball Betting, we are going to look at position players that have exceeded expectation to get us into that September profit groove before it is too late.

Tampa and Logan

According to the preseason blueprint, the Rays were supposed to be in short supply of power and wins.  Well they have gone far beyond our hopes and Logan Forsythe has been the main man in this.  His WAR of 4.4 is third in the league for second baseman.  Sharing a position greatly limited his potential as when he went full time he got nuclear warm.  .279/,360/.428 are stupendous for a second base.  Defensively he is a boon.  He is getting walks and being selective at bat.  His reduction of loose swings has reduced his strikeouts.  Look for the Rays to keep their current pace even in the face of playoff elimination.

Senior Citizen Ward

Guess a bum wrist can be rehabbed.  Also a year off does a body good as a slugger turned 40 this year.  These were just some of the questions and issues surrounding Giardi’s last stand in the Bronx.  People were at least hoping for a rebound for Teixeira and wishing that A-Rod just went away.  However these two are powering the Yankees to old heights and fending off the month long surge by the Jays.  Shifts and aging had caught up to Mark.  He has a war of 3.9 which is off the chart for a 35 year old.  As for his team mate, no one expected him to even have the chance to produce.  He might be a situational DH but he got into the lineup and never let it go.  His power is back up from his hip being better.  Experience has lent his eyes to almost walk at will when the opportunity presents itself.  There will be no fall off as the Yankees will be a dangerous out because this is a free roll for A-rod, Teixiera, and Joe this fall.

There you have it.  Keep your faith strong on the Yankees and look at them every game going in.  As for the Rays, they will grind to nearly the end.  The Maddon influence is still there and it will take another season to rub off.  They work hard and have Forsythe to help them score the few runs they need to win.  Good fortune in your September wagering and we will see you next time here at APEX Baseball Betting.