The Team to Tail in June

How do you handicap a team that micro manages until mid August?  This is the question that people that rail the up and down Mets are asking themselves.  Looking all around the league at the hurlers going under the knife, the Mets came up with what could be the next big thing in the Majors. A six man rotation will be in force. Fewer worries about having to shut players down when their pitch counts amass.  This is a practical solution that could not only keep the Mets afloat now but get them primed for that late playoff push.  Read on about more that transpired in the league in this edition of Apex Baseball Betting.


A lot of Help From His Friends

Most pitchers could not make a living from the plate at the Major League level.  However, almost every one of them can help themselves with an odd hit here and then.  The stark exception is Jon Lester from the Cubs.  If you rail the Cubs then by no means should you calculate one iota from him at the plate.  Fifty eight at bats and not one hit in his career.  Last night, he set this infamous record.  So when you tail the Cubs you should not rely on his .016 OBP to help the over.

Garage Sale In Oakland Set

Fifteen games below five hundred and it is not even June.  So imagine you embark on a ten game winning streak and you still do not see light out of this abyss.  The A’s are in this predicament of their own creation.  Not satisfied with the post season, they gambled big and crapped out.  Now all that is left is to get future picks and prospects for what is left that can still play on the major league level.  This worked for them once before but Beane wont be around for the reboot.  Where they might still have value is in their starting pitching.  Bullpen performance and defensive prowess on the field have been lacking.  The carrot for the reboot is in the current evaluation of their farm system.  Once a model, now it languishes in the bottom ten of the league.  With this much time to work with, Oakland should salvage the franchise and sell off all they have.  A few lean years is better than a famine for a decade.

So you can take the little time you would spend on the A’s and shift them to the Mets.  This new approach should pay dividends with the team now and in the long term.  By the willingness to save their arms, the Mets will responds with stronger and deeper pitching performances early on.  Check in next time to see what the new team to tail is.  For now, take a look at the Mets longer than you would for each day in June.Th