The Personality Lift That MLB Needs

If this is an act then he is going to the matt with an Oscar performance.  Out of the depths of the Blue Jays farm club comes a man with a flame thrower for an arm.  A rarity but that does not make him an oddity.  He stands out by disappearing.  He lives in a vehicle should cause you to pause reading this.  A used piece of transportation at that.  He stores it in a national chains parking lot.  Oh by the way, he led his level of ball in strikeouts per nine innings.  Come read on with Apex Baseball Betting about this enigma and how he might finally help the Jays get over the hump in the next few years.

Flair for Toronto

While some have personalities that make you wish they fail (aka Johnny Football), there are some which bring a panache to franchises in desperate need of a splash of color.  This man has a rocket of an arm also but deals in fireballing strikes over the plate.  He tops 96 easily and he is Toronto’s best prospect.  Tucked in his pocket is a contract for millions of dollars yet he rolls with a 78 Volkswagen Camper.  His name is Daniel Norris and he is the dream for baseball north of the border.

Wally World Loves Him

While in Spring Training, he lives in this camper in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart in the burbs of Flordia.  Workers know him by name but dub him the Van Man.  French Press Coffee and some sort of vegan tofu mix in his skillet, he is shattering the preconceptions of what a prototypical top prospect is.  Nike loves him.  Among the tinted windows of high performance machines, this smoke belching beast squeezes its way into parking space sized for cars of high gas mileage.  It burns fuel much like his fastball singes the plate.

Class A was where he began last year.  The Strikeout King of that level fueled an ascent that lead him all the way to the Show in September.  He only appeared in five games but he did mow down Ortiz.  He lived among the clouds for one month.  The test of the rare air did not make his head spin.  As he is down in spring ball with a bursting bank roll, he lives on $800 a month.  That is it.  He has the maturity at such a young age.  If he can come up with just one more pitch, the Jays will have a keeper for years to come.