Funnel System : Four Team for Two AL Playoff Spots

Less than a week remains and four teams still have hearts beating with the hopes to make it through to the American League post season.  We are already bestowing the Yankees with one of the Wild Card spots because it takes a collapse so monumental that it has to counter the over ninety nine percent

High Priced Fails That Derail Wildcard Hopefuls

Playoff teams on the fringe can point to one key player that let them down.  In the American League, two teams are trailing in the chase for the last playoff spot.  Each one of them has one key contributor that could have kicked it up a notch to bridge the gap.  See what each of

Dark Horse for Cy Young

CY Young might not get to travel west of the Mississippi River this year.  Two Dodger’s out west were thought to be neck and neck for this title but there being on the same team might damage each other.  Out in a traditional market comes a pitcher leading his franchise back into the playoffs. Today

Tori Derailing Minnesota

Team Work is Gone From Minnesota Tori Hunter was brought on to a young team for chemistry and to provide a sterling example for the young team.  They could have gotten better players for the same price but opted for the hometown boy.  His recent meltdown against Mark Ripperger has resulted in him being suspended

Tori Hunter a Bust In 24 Hours for the Twins?

The American League is showing some creative free agent signings this week.  Nelson Cruz joined the fold in Seattle. By overpaying for Cano, Seattle had shown the league that they could be a premium free agent destination.  Minnesota tried to do this through a thrifty contract.  They hoped to sign some declining veterans to help