15 Year Drought Over as Mets Get to World Series

Congrats to the NY Mets.  Maybe John Smoltz had it correct when he called this staff the best in baseball since his Braves slung it back in the 90’s.  Chicago was bounced out in four straight.  Today on APEX Baseball Betting, we will look at this, the departure of the Don in LA, and how

World Series Export?

North of the Border could become the official destination of the World Series champs.  In order to qualify to win the coveted hardware, one must first qualify for the playoffs.  Toronto has finally done so on Friday evening.  While the division is not entirely decided, the Jays have at least qualified for the Wild Card.

Love to Fade This Franchise for Remainder of 2015

How valuable can a good fade become?  I would rather fade a team self destructing than those streaking right now.  Streaking teams in September can tire out during the long grind.  Those that have quit stay that way for the remainder of the season.  Today Apex Sports Betting will look at the one team you

Surprises Abound In Tulowitzki Trade

A lot of aspects in the Troy Tulowitzki trade caught most by surprise.  Not that it happened.  A franchise that is losing this badly having to pay this contract is something hard to recover from.  He was considered to be the foundation for the future of Rockies baseball.  What was the asking price for him

Dealing Pretenders Into Contenders

One or two players from the promised land is the main thought that drives many MLB general managers.  Some find themselves in weaker divisional races where anyone can win.  Others are in runaway divisions like the AL Central where the also rans must already contend for the wild card.  APEX Baseball Betting will examine a

Apex Baseball Betting Going into Late May

At 22-7, the Cardinals are leading the league by a fair amount.  Dominating the NL Central, they are opening up a sizable gap despite on of their pillars on offense lacking the power punch off of his bat.  In other areas, Apex Baseball betting will take a look around the MLB to look at some

The Personality Lift That MLB Needs

If this is an act then he is going to the matt with an Oscar performance.  Out of the depths of the Blue Jays farm club comes a man with a flame thrower for an arm.  A rarity but that does not make him an oddity.  He stands out by disappearing.  He lives in a