Power Rankings for Potential Playoff Teams

Two weeks remain and we have our Power Rankings for Potential Playoff Teams heading in the postseason.  Wonderful to see everyone gathered here again here at APEX Baseball Betting.  Gaining perspective by these values gives a perspective on potential mismatches that the oddsmaker’s forumlas miss.  SO now we reveal who we think has the goods

MLB Impressions Headed Into 10/10

Road teams have been holding dominion in this year’s playoffs.  Both Wild Card teams advance via shutout efforts on the road.  The divisional series has seemed to follow suit.  Six games in and four of them have gone to the team on the road.  Who might be on life support and virtually eliminated all ready?

Apologies to Prince and other Wed Prime Time Players

  We waited for Prince to fold and he had every chance to last night.  His Rangers were now in the lead and he had to wear the hat of the hunted.  So what happened in Houston last night as the AL West lead could have changed once again?  Also the Cubs and Pirates played