Prince Trying to Become Prime Time

    Backstory on Yoenis New York’s acquisition of Cesepedes was not as automatic as it would seem  There was quite a bit of dickering going on within the organization.  Can you imagine them in the same spot if they had gotten their hands on Carlos Gomez?  We could not but would you believe that

NL Central Fades and the Reasons Why

Why have the Cubs even entered the discussion in the NL Central race?  Yes they have heated up at the right time but crucial elements are missing in action for both the Cardinals and the Pirates.  A pivotal person on each team has finally derailed the torrid pace that St. Louis and Pittsburgh have been

Best Bullpens to Bet on During the September Stretch

Some bullpens have to evolve while others are already matured.  Streaky natures of the closers can elevate a team in the playoffs but what about in the September stretch.  Here at APEX Baseball Betting we have two light out pens ready to increase the value of their teams in this key stretch.  Let us look

Time to Fade the Cardnials

Apex Baseball Betting does not want to continually dash the hopes of our readers.  We have come out with a lot of recommendations as of late as to which teams to stay clear of.  An optimistic piece was on the screen when a news flash dashed the hopes of that highlight piece.  What high profile