Bet MLB : Home Cooking Profit

Today, we examine how to Bet MLB action when it comes to a certain strong home field element.  It is great to see everyone back at APEX Baseball Betting and we extend our best well wishes to all.  General stat lines are those tidy little stats that we often stop short at.  A cursory examination

Need to Know in Baseball for Oakland @ Seattle 5/23

Profit starts by determining what to need to know in baseball for the A’s at the Mariners tonight.  This May 23rd encounter has a fairly even price for both teams.  Different elements contribute to this from each franchise.  Good morning APEX Baseball Betting fans.  Today we break down the salient points for profit in betting

AL Division Futures to Profit By in 2015

We have two divisions that appear to be loaded with the AL East up for grabs.  Speculation from the experts have much love for Tampa but we prefer a different team out East.  How will the defending AL champs do in the central?  Finally, which team will the Mariners surplant in the playoffs?  Follow Apex

Combination to the Vault Might Have Been Found In New York!

A stirring is arising from a major market.  Dormant and assumed to be in decline, the Evil Empire is stirring once again.  It has looked on and coveted the moves that the Dodgers and other teams have done.  Even with a $200M payroll and a GM who says they might not spend, rumors speak differently.