Extracting Gap Value from ML and RL at America’s Bookie 5/9

ML and RL gap can be successfully wagered just on the price difference for extreme value.  Good Monday morning MLB fans from APEX Baseball Betting.  Today, we go over the menu to examine the gap in pricing between run lines and money lines.  Some situations are so far out of kilter that the – 1

Historical Perspective on a Dodger

Hard to believe that the a positive runline still exists on a legendary pitching season!  Last night, this Dodger warrior took to the mound and did what he does best.  Find out who was behind LA’s 6-2 win over the Pirates and how Zack Greinke’s season is lining up with some of the greats of

Run Line Redemption Wager for 8/15

Run line wagering can redeem a sagging bankroll.  Too many times our totals are derailed by a closer bringing the gas can to the mound in the ninth.  Now with run line wagering, dominate teams can get better prices against the teams that have waved the white flag in August.  Tonight we have one such