Do the Dodgers Have to Jettison Puig?

Greinke is gone and now the Dodgers have to deal with two domestic abuse allegations.  One threatens to derail the trade for Aroldis Chapman.  The second one is more home grown as it deals with Puig.  So much talent but he proved to be more than a handful for Mattingly.  Now that this social taboo

Samardzija’s Contract and Destination Conjecture

Where will Samardzija go?  He is a work horse and still highly regarded.  Alas his team needed innings and so at the end of the year, Jeff ended up leading the league in earned runs.  Pitching is in such high demand that teams are willing to overlook that last year and go more with potential.

Stars Set to Return for NL Post Season Runs

Two powerhouses in the National League are going to react differently when stars come off of the injury list  Los Angeles now has developed the talent in a key position to afford themselves the luxury of being able to sit a star.  Meanwhile, St Louis has fallen from grace since this positional player was lost.

Tori Derailing Minnesota

Team Work is Gone From Minnesota Tori Hunter was brought on to a young team for chemistry and to provide a sterling example for the young team.  They could have gotten better players for the same price but opted for the hometown boy.  His recent meltdown against Mark Ripperger has resulted in him being suspended

Trends for Two Teams in June

Two prominent teams have seen changes in their philosophy.  The Dodgers are the beneficiary of a star’s return.  However in the Big Apple, one of the teams could read a simple report easily to determine whether this was the best time to start a wide spread change.  Find out what these were and the wagering