Betting the National League West Division

For seven straight seasons, the Los Angeles Dodgers have dominated the National League “NL” West Division. Oddmakers think the ‘Men in Blue’ will make it eight in a row making the Dodgers a heavy -800 favorite to win again.  It’s easy to see why Los Angeles is favored in 2020’s NL west division. They added

MLB Analysis : Fade the Giants

The era of manufacturing wins might be over for the Giants by our MLB Analysis.  Great to see everyone back here at APEX Baseball Betting.  Today we take in one of the more curious stats for the 2016 season.  One would not look for it in most circumstances but once it comes across, it is

Kemp Trade : Subtraction Increase Chances in NL West

Bloat and turmoil are being addressed in the offseason by the Dodgers.  With baseball’s biggest payroll, this team contended but could not match the Giants in one aspect.  Team chemistry was a shambles.  Follow to find out why this reboot of the Dodgers might have lesser parts but will purr down the highways of