MLB Wagering on Starting Pitching

Key number to crunch for MLB Wagering based on starting pitching is given here.  Good morning and great to see you again here at APEX Baseball.  Playoff stretches are coming in September sees some teams quit early.  Franchises like Arizona have been such a disappointment this year, that they are going youth with thin minor

MLB Betting : Parlays Protect Against April Chalk 4/25

Parlays propel MLB Betting profits even on those -200 and higher April chalk lines.  Good Morning and welcome to APEX Baseball Betting.  As May is almost upon us, the baseball world is starting to stabilize.  Minnesota and Atlanta were the dogs that we suspected but how about the Astros (6-13) and the Marlins (6-11)?  Cubs,

Baseball Betting : Avoid April Chalk 4/11

When baseball betting is used as a means of sports investment, one tried but true pattern is infused in April.  Here at APEX Baseball Betting, we strive to bring high quality information and theories that translate into profit in your accounts.  No matter what your bankroll, there are nuggets of information to augment our mindsets

Current Market For World Series Futures

One of the ways to profit from monitoring all the free agent moves is by wagering World Series futures.  Overreaction will cause teams like last year’s Washington Nationals to be way over valued.  More than a few saw the Royals would coast to the division and have more than a fair share to win it

AL Wild Card Free Pick : Bad Spot for Houston

Two factors working in tandem will derail the Houston Astros’ attempt at winning the Wild Card in New York.  Starting pitching has to do with both of them.  One is a very direct cause the the other is more of a subtle background factor.  Let us here at APEX Baseball Betting reveal why NY is

Historical Perspective on a Dodger

Hard to believe that the a positive runline still exists on a legendary pitching season!  Last night, this Dodger warrior took to the mound and did what he does best.  Find out who was behind LA’s 6-2 win over the Pirates and how Zack Greinke’s season is lining up with some of the greats of

Best Bullpens to Bet on During the September Stretch

Some bullpens have to evolve while others are already matured.  Streaky natures of the closers can elevate a team in the playoffs but what about in the September stretch.  Here at APEX Baseball Betting we have two light out pens ready to increase the value of their teams in this key stretch.  Let us look

Trends for Two Teams in June

Two prominent teams have seen changes in their philosophy.  The Dodgers are the beneficiary of a star’s return.  However in the Big Apple, one of the teams could read a simple report easily to determine whether this was the best time to start a wide spread change.  Find out what these were and the wagering

Which Mets are the Real Ones?

World beaters or also rans come through minds when thinking of the 2015 Mets.  A 13-3 start has been hamstrung with a 7-11 current mark.  At 20-14, they are in no immediate peril but do not have the world on a string like they did before.  Apex Baseball Betting will peer behind the curtain and

MLB Predictions : Dodgers Get Even Better

Bloated bankrolls had the Dodgers paying pretty pennies to put them in prime position among MLB predictions.  They are one of the onfield favorites because of their ability to invest in the present.  However what might put them over the top this year is less money and more fore thought.  A keen eye might have