Cubs Get Jason Heyward

Put this into the equation and see what comes out the other end.  Chicago was near or at the top of the lines for futures to win the World Series.  Now word comes that the Cubbies got Jason Heyward.  Why is he the difference maker?  What are the key numbers to consider with him?  Join

Do the Dodgers Have to Jettison Puig?

Greinke is gone and now the Dodgers have to deal with two domestic abuse allegations.  One threatens to derail the trade for Aroldis Chapman.  The second one is more home grown as it deals with Puig.  So much talent but he proved to be more than a handful for Mattingly.  Now that this social taboo

Hidden Aspects From Catchers

Considered an almost throw away at bat, catchers are making a comeback with projected renewed prowess at the plate for 2015.  APEX Baseball Betting has pondered this position and come up with a few names that add hidden value to their team.  Whether on a daily basis or those futures we love to speculate on.

More Pitchers Get Mad Money

Two more free agent signings have managed to put David Price on the back burner.  One eclipses his deal in average amount per year.  The other is the oddest committal of near $100 million dollars we have ever seen.  So what two national league teams demonstrated that not only can the american league spend money.

Mariners Making a Move for Aoki

One of the franchises that is comprehending on how to build a modern pennant winner is the Seattle Mariners.  They are tying to mold their team to the most athletic version they can find.  Players that can run, play defense, lay down bunts, and manufacture runs.  Their latest target can do all of these things

Angels’ Locker Room is Imploding

Team chemistry is a difficult facet to quantify when handicapping games.  Disciplined and veteran teams know better than to show the cracks that might exist in the foundation.  When the pressure becomes too much, high expectations can cause players to turn on each other.  This is what is happening to the Angels right now.  Having

Combination to the Vault Might Have Been Found In New York!

A stirring is arising from a major market.  Dormant and assumed to be in decline, the Evil Empire is stirring once again.  It has looked on and coveted the moves that the Dodgers and other teams have done.  Even with a $200M payroll and a GM who says they might not spend, rumors speak differently.

Kemp Trade : Subtraction Increase Chances in NL West

Bloat and turmoil are being addressed in the offseason by the Dodgers.  With baseball’s biggest payroll, this team contended but could not match the Giants in one aspect.  Team chemistry was a shambles.  Follow to find out why this reboot of the Dodgers might have lesser parts but will purr down the highways of