Betting on Baseball : Special Situations

This is the time of season where Betting on Baseball has some special situations as we enter August.  Great to see you here once again at APEX Baseball Betting.  Some of the teams have thrown up the flag and not even know it yet.  Last night on ESPN Sunday Night baseball, there was such an

Those That Have Excelled in Their Roles for 2015

At times even seeing the numbers does not sink in until someone tells me.  My friend was extolling the job the Diamondbacks have done this year and he could tell my eyes were rolling into the back of my head.  Sensing my skepticism, he tells me “You do know they have the same record as

Hidden Gems Coming into Mid March

Even with the Astros dominating the headlines, Apex Baseball Betting has unearthed two tidbits from the other divisions of the American League.  One does not need to go west to find value in the immediate future.  One comes in the form of a fill in fourth starter that gives better than expected performances.  The other