Fun + Profit in Home Run Derby

Unique event combines fun and profit this week in MLB action.  Good afternoon and thanks for coming out to see us at APEX Baseball Betting.  On this day, we have a special event for the season.  The Home Run Derby is something uniquely American.  A celebration of hitting the long ball between eight of the

Brand Name ML Inflation in Baseball

Opening prices offer suffer from Brand Name ML Inflation in baseball action.  Good Morning to everyone here at APEX Baseball Betting.  Today, we shift gears to look at the benefit of the doubt some teams get from the oddsmakers.  This is the tweak before the market opens up to deal with an anticipated flood of

Baseball Money Management : 2x on Rays@Royals 5/30

8PM start on Memorial Day for us to practice baseball money management.  The question is often asked on what to do when you get that juicy tip.  Advice from that person that either does not seem to lose or has been on a heater right now.  Kansas City fought hard all weekend long to get

Need to Know in Baseball for Oakland @ Seattle 5/23

Profit starts by determining what to need to know in baseball for the A’s at the Mariners tonight.  This May 23rd encounter has a fairly even price for both teams.  Different elements contribute to this from each franchise.  Good morning APEX Baseball Betting fans.  Today we break down the salient points for profit in betting

Series Recommendation for Cubs and Mets

Clean your plate was the saying we all heard growing up.  We took fork in hand and finished off the last few morsels never to think of them again.  This is what the Mets must do against the Cubs.  Seven regular season games with nary a win could shatter confidence if pondered upon.  However, this

Time to Fade the Cardnials

Apex Baseball Betting does not want to continually dash the hopes of our readers.  We have come out with a lot of recommendations as of late as to which teams to stay clear of.  An optimistic piece was on the screen when a news flash dashed the hopes of that highlight piece.  What high profile

Detroit in Disarray

Now the Detroit pitchers are giving up the long balls that their offense can not hit themselves.  Off of a 2-0 shutout loss from the Angels, LAA hopped on Detroit heavy from the start last night.  Read on as to not only the details of this latest dismantlement but how this could effect the Sunday

A-Rod and The Yanks are at it Again

One of the first things I learned when I was a kid was to avoid the standings.  Yes it gives you the most basic of gauges but how misleading can it be.  Near the summit perch the Mets via their ten game winning streak.  Find out from Apex Baseball betting why the bag of chips

A Jaded Generation of Baseball Fans

  The Jaded Generation Around forum blossoms a fair share of baseball threads.  Some are for general trends while others address the games of the day.  Adorning a majority of them this morning are reactions about Adrian Gonzalez and his five home runs…in three days.  This is a major league record and that is saying