MLB Betting Explained

During the Major League Baseball season, there are plenty of games on which to place wagers. What makes baseball betting so great is the different types of bets available. You can make a variety of MLB picks and add to your bankroll and enjoy your betting experience. There are a number of different types of

World Series Export?

North of the Border could become the official destination of the World Series champs.  In order to qualify to win the coveted hardware, one must first qualify for the playoffs.  Toronto has finally done so on Friday evening.  While the division is not entirely decided, the Jays have at least qualified for the Wild Card.

Reviewing the Races in Baseball

Kansas City fans are enjoying both ends of the spectrum these days.  Not only have they practically clinched the AL Central but the Tigers are self destructing in the process.  The other five division races at least have an element of intrigue to discuss.  So APEX Baseball Betting fans, let us go over the state