Extracting Gap Value from ML and RL at America’s Bookie 5/9

ML and RL gap can be successfully wagered just on the price difference for extreme value.  Good Monday morning MLB fans from APEX Baseball Betting.  Today, we go over the menu to examine the gap in pricing between run lines and money lines.  Some situations are so far out of kilter that the – 1

Marlins and Ozuna Resolution Soon to be Set

APEX Baseball Betting continues to have our finger on the pulse of the MLB free agent market.  Not only the news and rumors in that realm but in the teams swapping players also.  In this edition, we take a peek at a long Marlin rift that is about to be bridged.  Also Baltimore and Pittsburgh

Divergent Methods On Building Baseball Dynasties

Plans to make a winning baseball team should have shifted with the recent World Series.  We had the Royals and Giants whose paths to the Fall Classic defied conventional wisdom.  Teams like Oakland and Detroit embraced an arms race to overpower opposing lineups.  The problem is that they were neglectful of their own run production