NL Playoff Chase : Mets Cardinals 8/23

Certain teams seem entrenched in the playoff chase year after year.  Our free pick takes a gander at the Mets Cardinals as St. Louis would be in the wild card if the season ended today.  Pivotal series for the Mets as well.  We will look at the game price, starters, and any other factor that

Baseball Betting : Avoid April Chalk 4/11

When baseball betting is used as a means of sports investment, one tried but true pattern is infused in April.  Here at APEX Baseball Betting, we strive to bring high quality information and theories that translate into profit in your accounts.  No matter what your bankroll, there are nuggets of information to augment our mindsets

NL Powers Seeking to Bolster Ranks

National League manuevering in the offseason takes center stage at APEX Baseball Betting.  Chris Davis plays center stage in plan B for a powerhouse in the NL Central.  Meanwhile, the asking price for a Brave’s player just went through the roof.  Stay tuned to Apex as we go over these issues right now. Braves Holding

Congratulations to the Royals

Kansas City finished the journey that they started last season.  A surprise World Series finalist the year before, the Royals jumped out to a huge lead in the AL Central.  So much so that it was difficult to judge their prowess because they essentially took the last month off of the season.  In the end,

15 Year Drought Over as Mets Get to World Series

Congrats to the NY Mets.  Maybe John Smoltz had it correct when he called this staff the best in baseball since his Braves slung it back in the 90’s.  Chicago was bounced out in four straight.  Today on APEX Baseball Betting, we will look at this, the departure of the Don in LA, and how

Series Recommendation for Cubs and Mets

Clean your plate was the saying we all heard growing up.  We took fork in hand and finished off the last few morsels never to think of them again.  This is what the Mets must do against the Cubs.  Seven regular season games with nary a win could shatter confidence if pondered upon.  However, this

Format Harms Mets Chances

Smoltz called them the best starting pitching staff since his Braves bolted into retirement.  The New York Mets have a buzz saw of young arms that cut through most lineups with ease.  This is the usual recipe to give you a fighting chance in the playoffs.  So why is it that the 2-2-1 Best of

Who has that Final Kick to Make it in the MLB Playoffs?

People that play with numbers can often come up with combinations that astound even the veteran handicapper.  Take the division lead of the Kansas City Royals.  It is an almost invulnerable twelve games in the AL Central.  Nothing there that makes you take pause until you consider the following.  The leads in all the over

NL Field : Meet the Mets

Trade deadline has come and past with two items of note.  The first is what happened to the franchise commonly referred to as the Big Apple’s other team.  Also how is it the best team in baseball is able to fly underneath all the fanfare that the rest of the league gets.  Today we look

Trends for Two Teams in June

Two prominent teams have seen changes in their philosophy.  The Dodgers are the beneficiary of a star’s return.  However in the Big Apple, one of the teams could read a simple report easily to determine whether this was the best time to start a wide spread change.  Find out what these were and the wagering