Houston Astros Running Away with AL West

It may only be June, but the Houston Astros have already set themselves apart as one of the best teams in baseball. The offense has been firing on all cylinders and a revitalized Dallas Keuchel has led the staff to new heights. It’s all translated into the MLB’s best record. It might be a little

Betting on Baseball : Special Situations

This is the time of season where Betting on Baseball has some special situations as we enter August.  Great to see you here once again at APEX Baseball Betting.  Some of the teams have thrown up the flag and not even know it yet.  Last night on ESPN Sunday Night baseball, there was such an

Moneyline vs Runline Narrow Gap 6/20

Today on APEX Baseball Betting, we examine a game that has a narrow gap between the ML and runline.  Team in question is the Seattle Mariners.  They are on the road in Detroit this Monday.  We are witness to a total that is at ten.  In this particular situation, where would be the better number

Current Market For World Series Futures

One of the ways to profit from monitoring all the free agent moves is by wagering World Series futures.  Overreaction will cause teams like last year’s Washington Nationals to be way over valued.  More than a few saw the Royals would coast to the division and have more than a fair share to win it

Mariners Making a Move for Aoki

One of the franchises that is comprehending on how to build a modern pennant winner is the Seattle Mariners.  They are tying to mold their team to the most athletic version they can find.  Players that can run, play defense, lay down bunts, and manufacture runs.  Their latest target can do all of these things

Whom has Done the Best/Worst in Post Season Signings?

West coast baseball has been the beneficiary of some of the best offseason moves so far heading into 2016.  What has caused us to upgrade the Mariners?  Sad for them that the only team that really did a better swindle resides in their own division!  Read up on APEX Baseball Betting to find out whom

Doc’s Sequel in Acid Was a Show Stopper

American League Futures are dominated by two teams.  The Angels and Mariners are the favorites with the Tigers also thrown in the mix.  Do the odds makers learn little?  Angels and Tigers are sticking to the same equation that got them buried last year in the playoffs.  Seattle added a key piece and has that