Bet33 Baseball Free Pick for Cleveland at Kansas City 6/13

Bet33 brings APEX Baseball Betting one of their free picks to profit by on MLB action for June 13th.  Big divisional series kicks off in Kansas City.  Cleveland has been crowing about their success against the Royals this season.  However, once you dig a little deeper, one will be amazed at how the Royals are

Ease of Live Odds in Baseball Betting

Boundless baseball games to bet get easier with the organization of live odds.  Good morning MLB fans as May is now upon us.  April has come and gone providing clarity to the landscape.  How will we profit from what we learned last month?  Data at the tips of our fingers dancing on the screen will

Fighting for Their Right to Be in the AL Chase

Make sure they feel the thunder if you are going  to be in the distance.  One MLB team has been neglected from almost everyone outside their own town.  Now that they have ferreted this out in April, will they continue to be adamant in their stance to stand up against all comers.  Apex Baseball Betting

AL Division Futures to Profit By in 2015

We have two divisions that appear to be loaded with the AL East up for grabs.  Speculation from the experts have much love for Tampa but we prefer a different team out East.  How will the defending AL champs do in the central?  Finally, which team will the Mariners surplant in the playoffs?  Follow Apex

Divergent Methods On Building Baseball Dynasties

Plans to make a winning baseball team should have shifted with the recent World Series.  We had the Royals and Giants whose paths to the Fall Classic defied conventional wisdom.  Teams like Oakland and Detroit embraced an arms race to overpower opposing lineups.  The problem is that they were neglectful of their own run production