Houston Astros Running Away with AL West

It may only be June, but the Houston Astros have already set themselves apart as one of the best teams in baseball. The offense has been firing on all cylinders and a revitalized Dallas Keuchel has led the staff to new heights. It’s all translated into the MLB’s best record. It might be a little

Apologies to Prince and other Wed Prime Time Players

  We waited for Prince to fold and he had every chance to last night.  His Rangers were now in the lead and he had to wear the hat of the hunted.  So what happened in Houston last night as the AL West lead could have changed once again?  Also the Cubs and Pirates played

Run Line Redemption Wager for 8/15

Run line wagering can redeem a sagging bankroll.  Too many times our totals are derailed by a closer bringing the gas can to the mound in the ninth.  Now with run line wagering, dominate teams can get better prices against the teams that have waved the white flag in August.  Tonight we have one such

Counting on Clay and Top MLB Power Rankings 7/1

Boston’s Climb With Clay?! Starting pitching has been the reason for decay in Boston. An underachieving 2015 sees them at 35-43 and in the cellar of the AL East. It has been widely assumed that a staff with a 4.71 ERA does not have a standout starter. Well they do and surprisingly it is Clay