World Series Game 1 Run Line Wager

Have you been placing such terrible bets that you’re beginning to think you need to start betting the opposite of what of what you feel is the winning bet? We’ve all been there. Game 1 of the World Series is the perfect opportunity to change your luck around by placing a Run Line wager. The

2015 World Series Preview Part I

World Series starts on Tuesday and the Mets are itching to buck a recent trend. Of those that swept away their LCS opponents sine 1985, only the 95 Braves kept it up by winning the World Series. Six others have gone down to defeat including the 14 edition of the Kansas City Royals. So in

Divergent Methods On Building Baseball Dynasties

Plans to make a winning baseball team should have shifted with the recent World Series.  We had the Royals and Giants whose paths to the Fall Classic defied conventional wisdom.  Teams like Oakland and Detroit embraced an arms race to overpower opposing lineups.  The problem is that they were neglectful of their own run production