Off the Table

  Toronto was above them.  Now the Red Sox have vaulted beyond Baltimore.  While the Orioles languish in the free agent market, progress was made on one front.  However, the all important Chris Davis resigning were awry.  Read up on all the latest on these issues here at APEX Baseball Betting. Chris Davis Here is

Whom has Done the Best/Worst in Post Season Signings?

West coast baseball has been the beneficiary of some of the best offseason moves so far heading into 2016.  What has caused us to upgrade the Mariners?  Sad for them that the only team that really did a better swindle resides in their own division!  Read up on APEX Baseball Betting to find out whom

Degrees of Ownership With Cueto

Cueto has been cash money these last few starts for the Reds and the cappers that tail him.  He is considering this his final audition to not only his trade destination but in getting that coveted free agent contract.  However he had to face the new king on the block, Max Scherzer.  He is the

Tori Hunter a Bust In 24 Hours for the Twins?

The American League is showing some creative free agent signings this week.  Nelson Cruz joined the fold in Seattle. By overpaying for Cano, Seattle had shown the league that they could be a premium free agent destination.  Minnesota tried to do this through a thrifty contract.  They hoped to sign some declining veterans to help