Power Rankings for Potential Playoff Teams

Two weeks remain and we have our Power Rankings for Potential Playoff Teams heading in the postseason.  Wonderful to see everyone gathered here again here at APEX Baseball Betting.  Gaining perspective by these values gives a perspective on potential mismatches that the oddsmaker’s forumlas miss.  SO now we reveal who we think has the goods

Do the Dodgers Have to Jettison Puig?

Greinke is gone and now the Dodgers have to deal with two domestic abuse allegations.  One threatens to derail the trade for Aroldis Chapman.  The second one is more home grown as it deals with Puig.  So much talent but he proved to be more than a handful for Mattingly.  Now that this social taboo

15 Year Drought Over as Mets Get to World Series

Congrats to the NY Mets.  Maybe John Smoltz had it correct when he called this staff the best in baseball since his Braves slung it back in the 90’s.  Chicago was bounced out in four straight.  Today on APEX Baseball Betting, we will look at this, the departure of the Don in LA, and how

Format Harms Mets Chances

Smoltz called them the best starting pitching staff since his Braves bolted into retirement.  The New York Mets have a buzz saw of young arms that cut through most lineups with ease.  This is the usual recipe to give you a fighting chance in the playoffs.  So why is it that the 2-2-1 Best of

Stars Set to Return for NL Post Season Runs

Two powerhouses in the National League are going to react differently when stars come off of the injury list  Los Angeles now has developed the talent in a key position to afford themselves the luxury of being able to sit a star.  Meanwhile, St Louis has fallen from grace since this positional player was lost.

Historical Perspective on a Dodger

Hard to believe that the a positive runline still exists on a legendary pitching season!  Last night, this Dodger warrior took to the mound and did what he does best.  Find out who was behind LA’s 6-2 win over the Pirates and how Zack Greinke’s season is lining up with some of the greats of

Round the Bases for the Start of September

American League baseball fans have a lot to think over this holiday weekend.  How can one Tiger do so well and the whole team fall off the face of the Earth.  Find out what polarizing force has thrown fluctuation into the Twins chances?  All this and more in this edition of APEX Baseball Betting. How

Credible Conspiracy Theories for Remainder of 2015 Season

Conspiracy is the mystery that hides behind the shadows of Major League Baseball.  Each year has some mysterious events that leave us to wonder what is really going on.  Two of the more credible types have crossed our desk at Apex Sports Betting.  One has a definite wagering angle while the other might have use

NL Field : Meet the Mets

Trade deadline has come and past with two items of note.  The first is what happened to the franchise commonly referred to as the Big Apple’s other team.  Also how is it the best team in baseball is able to fly underneath all the fanfare that the rest of the league gets.  Today we look

Counting on Clay and Top MLB Power Rankings 7/1

Boston’s Climb With Clay?! Starting pitching has been the reason for decay in Boston. An underachieving 2015 sees them at 35-43 and in the cellar of the AL East. It has been widely assumed that a staff with a 4.71 ERA does not have a standout starter. Well they do and surprisingly it is Clay