Free Agents That Can Alter MLB’s Landscape for 2016

  NL Bound Unusual for a player to put himself out of half the teams in a market but that is what Johnny Cueto is doing.  He has been on record and continues to reiterate that he is an NL man.  He is high up on the Giants wish list.  Doger money could be his

Reworking the AL Field After Trade Deadline

Buy if you are close and sell if you are not is the basic mantra this year.  While a premature death notice might have been issued in Detroit, most of the big boys had decisive moves on the days leading up to August 1st.  Now that the carnage is done and the smoke settled, whom

Degrees of Ownership With Cueto

Cueto has been cash money these last few starts for the Reds and the cappers that tail him.  He is considering this his final audition to not only his trade destination but in getting that coveted free agent contract.  However he had to face the new king on the block, Max Scherzer.  He is the