Extracting Gap Value from ML and RL at America’s Bookie 5/9

ML and RL gap can be successfully wagered just on the price difference for extreme value.  Good Monday morning MLB fans from APEX Baseball Betting.  Today, we go over the menu to examine the gap in pricing between run lines and money lines.  Some situations are so far out of kilter that the – 1

Cubs Get Jason Heyward

Put this into the equation and see what comes out the other end.  Chicago was near or at the top of the lines for futures to win the World Series.  Now word comes that the Cubbies got Jason Heyward.  Why is he the difference maker?  What are the key numbers to consider with him?  Join

Current Market For World Series Futures

One of the ways to profit from monitoring all the free agent moves is by wagering World Series futures.  Overreaction will cause teams like last year’s Washington Nationals to be way over valued.  More than a few saw the Royals would coast to the division and have more than a fair share to win it

Series Recommendation for Cubs and Mets

Clean your plate was the saying we all heard growing up.  We took fork in hand and finished off the last few morsels never to think of them again.  This is what the Mets must do against the Cubs.  Seven regular season games with nary a win could shatter confidence if pondered upon.  However, this

Cubs Blast off to NLCS in Four Over Cardinals

Home field advantage was more than a tangible factor that allowed the Chicago Cubs to advance to the National League Championship series.  Wrigley Field was witness to a significant power surge that saw the Cubs swat homers left and right.  In the end, the 100 win team was subdued in four games.  Whom was responsible

MLB Impressions Headed Into 10/10

Road teams have been holding dominion in this year’s playoffs.  Both Wild Card teams advance via shutout efforts on the road.  The divisional series has seemed to follow suit.  Six games in and four of them have gone to the team on the road.  Who might be on life support and virtually eliminated all ready?

Apologies to Prince and other Wed Prime Time Players

  We waited for Prince to fold and he had every chance to last night.  His Rangers were now in the lead and he had to wear the hat of the hunted.  So what happened in Houston last night as the AL West lead could have changed once again?  Also the Cubs and Pirates played

Will The Tigers Move Price? How Will KC Cope Without Vargas?

  Symbolic Struggle Sometimes even the most enjoyable moments watching baseball can be a source of frustration.  Here we see a child at an Angels’s game trying to partake of a hot dog.  Problems present themselves which cause him to drop the ball.  Instead of giving up, he just picks himself up and merrily finds

The Team to Tail in June

How do you handicap a team that micro manages until mid August?  This is the question that people that rail the up and down Mets are asking themselves.  Looking all around the league at the hurlers going under the knife, the Mets came up with what could be the next big thing in the Majors.

Braun Homers but Brewers Still Below Average

Thank you Mr. Ryan Braun for a bomb that mean absolutely nothing.  He gets his first homer this year.  A solo shot in the top of the ninth losing six to nothing is probably more a result of the pitcher gophering it up than a masterpiece of slugging.  Panic should be issued on the Brewers