Minnesota Lands Prize Right Handed Slugger

Pitchers are not the only ones making the long trek from overseas to stake their claim in the major leagues.  Byung-Ho Park is a right handed slugger from South Korea that saw heavy interest and bidding.  Minnesota landed the charge and obtained the rights for him.  Found out how they did this and what effect

Preparing to Lose Chris Davis

A buyer and seller are being brought together to plug the anticipated void from Chris Davis’ departure.  The Baltimore player is expected to become the former as his free agent asking price is likely not to be met by the O’s. This leaves the with a team that can still compete but at a disadvantage

NL Powers Seeking to Bolster Ranks

National League manuevering in the offseason takes center stage at APEX Baseball Betting.  Chris Davis plays center stage in plan B for a powerhouse in the NL Central.  Meanwhile, the asking price for a Brave’s player just went through the roof.  Stay tuned to Apex as we go over these issues right now. Braves Holding

Free Agents That Can Alter MLB’s Landscape for 2016

  NL Bound Unusual for a player to put himself out of half the teams in a market but that is what Johnny Cueto is doing.  He has been on record and continues to reiterate that he is an NL man.  He is high up on the Giants wish list.  Doger money could be his