NL Powers Seeking to Bolster Ranks

National League manuevering in the offseason takes center stage at APEX Baseball Betting.  Chris Davis plays center stage in plan B for a powerhouse in the NL Central.  Meanwhile, the asking price for a Brave’s player just went through the roof.  Stay tuned to Apex as we go over these issues right now. Braves Holding

Cubs Blast off to NLCS in Four Over Cardinals

Home field advantage was more than a tangible factor that allowed the Chicago Cubs to advance to the National League Championship series.  Wrigley Field was witness to a significant power surge that saw the Cubs swat homers left and right.  In the end, the 100 win team was subdued in four games.  Whom was responsible

Stars Set to Return for NL Post Season Runs

Two powerhouses in the National League are going to react differently when stars come off of the injury list  Los Angeles now has developed the talent in a key position to afford themselves the luxury of being able to sit a star.  Meanwhile, St Louis has fallen from grace since this positional player was lost.

NL Field : Meet the Mets

Trade deadline has come and past with two items of note.  The first is what happened to the franchise commonly referred to as the Big Apple’s other team.  Also how is it the best team in baseball is able to fly underneath all the fanfare that the rest of the league gets.  Today we look

Counting on Clay and Top MLB Power Rankings 7/1

Boston’s Climb With Clay?! Starting pitching has been the reason for decay in Boston. An underachieving 2015 sees them at 35-43 and in the cellar of the AL East. It has been widely assumed that a staff with a 4.71 ERA does not have a standout starter. Well they do and surprisingly it is Clay

Apex Baseball Betting Going into Late May

At 22-7, the Cardinals are leading the league by a fair amount.  Dominating the NL Central, they are opening up a sizable gap despite on of their pillars on offense lacking the power punch off of his bat.  In other areas, Apex Baseball betting will take a look around the MLB to look at some