Houston Astros Running Away with AL West

It may only be June, but the Houston Astros have already set themselves apart as one of the best teams in baseball. The offense has been firing on all cylinders and a revitalized Dallas Keuchel has led the staff to new heights. It’s all translated into the MLB’s best record. It might be a little

Last Three Starts are Key MLB Trend

Pitching rules the roost on the daily grind during the MLB season.  We have other factors like weather, wind, and hot hitters to contend with but mostly the starters rule the roost.  So how do we determine which ones to go to war with and when?  Good Morning APEX Baseball Betting fans.  Today, we will

Generate Your Own Baseball Betting Revenue with Pay Per Heads

Complexities of baseball betting with Pay Per Heads booking your clients makes work intensive weeks a thing of the past.  Good morning APEX Baseball Betting fans and today we broach a subject that lets you transcend from client to operator in the sportsbook realm.  Mid way through the month of May is when people start

Historical Perspective on a Dodger

Hard to believe that the a positive runline still exists on a legendary pitching season!  Last night, this Dodger warrior took to the mound and did what he does best.  Find out who was behind LA’s 6-2 win over the Pirates and how Zack Greinke’s season is lining up with some of the greats of

Pegging the Profit for 8/30

Small items are often the hinge in which our profit swings on. Even as we are about to enter September, the established mathematics and models are not accurate enough to counter what we can observe as human beings.  This is our experience and how we can translate our superior knowledge into profit.  So here are

Angels’ Locker Room is Imploding

Team chemistry is a difficult facet to quantify when handicapping games.  Disciplined and veteran teams know better than to show the cracks that might exist in the foundation.  When the pressure becomes too much, high expectations can cause players to turn on each other.  This is what is happening to the Angels right now.  Having

Which Mets are the Real Ones?

World beaters or also rans come through minds when thinking of the 2015 Mets.  A 13-3 start has been hamstrung with a 7-11 current mark.  At 20-14, they are in no immediate peril but do not have the world on a string like they did before.  Apex Baseball Betting will peer behind the curtain and

Can Admitting to One’s Faults Favor Josh Hamilton?

One tweet from a father in law and the snowball was pushed downhill.  Josh came clean about a recent occurrence that happened with regularity in the past.  How will he league office handle Josh Hamilton?  Also what can baseball do to appeal to a new fan base with a limited attention span.  These issues are