Off the Table

  Toronto was above them.  Now the Red Sox have vaulted beyond Baltimore.  While the Orioles languish in the free agent market, progress was made on one front.  However, the all important Chris Davis resigning were awry.  Read up on all the latest on these issues here at APEX Baseball Betting. Chris Davis Here is

Marlins and Ozuna Resolution Soon to be Set

APEX Baseball Betting continues to have our finger on the pulse of the MLB free agent market.  Not only the news and rumors in that realm but in the teams swapping players also.  In this edition, we take a peek at a long Marlin rift that is about to be bridged.  Also Baltimore and Pittsburgh

Preparing to Lose Chris Davis

A buyer and seller are being brought together to plug the anticipated void from Chris Davis’ departure.  The Baltimore player is expected to become the former as his free agent asking price is likely not to be met by the O’s. This leaves the with a team that can still compete but at a disadvantage

Best Bullpens to Bet on During the September Stretch

Some bullpens have to evolve while others are already matured.  Streaky natures of the closers can elevate a team in the playoffs but what about in the September stretch.  Here at APEX Baseball Betting we have two light out pens ready to increase the value of their teams in this key stretch.  Let us look

An AL East Team on the Rise

With an aged Yankees team leading the AL East, the lead of two games could vanish at the drop of a hat.  With Tampa also ready to tank, we have three other teams in this division ready to surge and take the lead going into June.  However, Apex Baseball Betting feels that only one team