Surprises Abound In Tulowitzki Trade

A lot of aspects in the Troy Tulowitzki trade caught most by surprise.  Not that it happened.  A franchise that is losing this badly having to pay this contract is something hard to recover from.  He was considered to be the foundation for the future of Rockies baseball.  What was the asking price for him and how short of this did Toronto come and still get their man?  All of this will be examined here at APEX Baseball Betting.

Six Player Trade

Colorado sent two of them but only Troy is of real concern.  An over the hill LaTroy Hawkins also came in the deal.  What did Toronto have to give up in compensation for this?  Three pitching prospects that are not grateful to the the potential of being called up to Coors Field.  Jose Reyes also comes in the deal.  He has the speed and ability to be on par with even someone like Andrew from Pittsburgh.  Problem is he is injury prone.  It has hampered him at every stop even when Toronto gave him a year to prove himself afterwards.

Blessing Did Not Come

Relationships work well with honest and open communication.  This was supposed to be in place with Rockies ownership and their star.  Dick Monfort had made it public that they would go to Troy to present credible trade scenarios.  The way he was informed was after he got pulled in the late stages of his last game.  Walt Weiss was clearly broken up about it when having to deliver the news.

Colorado has a pattern of doing this in big name deals.  Remember when Ubaldo slung it for Colorado.  The GM was crafting the deal and allowed Jimenez to start an inning before having to pull him from the game.  In the end, too many times did Troy have his name in the papers for it to be considered a bolt from the blue.  The contract he has will be solace as he takes his bags north of the border to Toronto.