Start to Work on the White Sox for Futures Wagering

Spring ball is almost here and Apex Baseball betting is gearing up for a profitable season.  One team that we urge to do your homework on are the Chicago White Sox.  The alterations might bring a lot to the table.  We have provided a few points for you to explore in depth on why this team is to be improved this season.  Meanwhile, the best of buds, A-Rod and Derek each have separate paths this season.  A-Rod shed his WAG while Derek gets to leer at his on the cover of SI.  This is what is for store for you in this edition of Apex Baseball Betting.

Windy City’s Other Team

Rain or shine, the Cubs will always get more than their fair share of coverage compared to the product put on the field.  Lest anyone forget, the Second City also has two baseball teams.  The White Sox have brought in a lot of players hoping to upgrade their attack in the AL Central.  A very reliable starting staff of Quintana, Sale, and Samardzija will need  fourth to rise up to take key innings.  John Danks is a reach doing this as he will need to exceed below average metrics to give the Sox more hope.  For speed and defensive purposes, they hope to emulate the Royals with picking up Avisail Garcia in right.  Finally Abreu does not need to repeat his stellar season last year but needs to be consistent with power to propel them through the dog days of summer.

What to Make of A-Rod


Those that like drama will gravitate towards him this year.  He and WWE former bombshell Torrie Wilson broke up.  Without this relationship in his corner, he will have to face taunts from the road and probably at home also.  Now be honest, with that contract, anyone of us would try to come back after a year off for that coin he is slated for.  Here are some of the more recent rumors as the haters take flight.

  • He revenge urinated on a relative’s wall.
  • Barry Bond’s was giving him advice.
  • Of course him trying to extract himself out of repaying part of the bonus.

Spring training is around the corner and the media will have an old standby to go back to in spring ball this time around.  Next edition we will take a look at some key moves in the National League done by teams that are not the Dodgers or Nationals.  Until next time, good fortune in your wagering at America’s Bookie.