Series Recommendation for Cubs and Mets

Clean your plate was the saying we all heard growing up.  We took fork in hand and finished off the last few morsels never to think of them again.  This is what the Mets must do against the Cubs.  Seven regular season games with nary a win could shatter confidence if pondered upon.  However, this up and coming team went into the heart of California to put down one of the three best pitchers in the National League away.  Now they are emotionally spent and had to go cross country in a short period of time to host these Cubs.  Find out here at APEX Baseball Betting the price on the series and what our wagering recommendation is on them.

Extended Format

Almost the same problem but under a different length of time.  The Mets have to face two very strong aces against the young horde of starters they can throw at the Cubs.  They prevailed in five tough games but can they counter the possible five starts that Lester and Arrieta throw at them?  If any man knows Maddon more than Terry Collins?  Collins was the manager for the Angels who gave Maddon his first break in the Big League coaching ranks.  Some of the smarts that Maddon brings will be countered by his mentor being on the other side.


Both Harvey and Arrieta have had some times where they were hittable in the last series.  The Cardinals got to Arrieta but the Cubs bats crushed homers left and right to counter this.  Meanwhil, Harvey has been sort of a head case since Borras interjected with his pitch count and innings’ demands.

Keys to the Series

  • Degrom and Syndergaard must keep their fastball up in the high nineties.  Forget Harvey’s pitch count.  This is your point of concern against the Cubs.
  • Matz and Hamme are a wash for the fourth starters.
  • As Yoenis hits, so will the prospects of the Mets go.  Cesepedes must have huge games in the off ace Cubs starts.
  • Granderson must keep second half form.  Remember before the trade deadline, the Mets offense was pathetic.

In the end, the Mets must continue to over achieve or their drop off is pronounced.  Cubs have a variety of methods to beat you besides the home run.  This is the pivotal factor in the series.  Take the Chicago Cubs to advance to the World Series.  Good fortune and enjoy your day here at APEX Baseball Betting.