Run Line Redemption Wager for 8/15

Run line wagering can redeem a sagging bankroll.  Too many times our totals are derailed by a closer bringing the gas can to the mound in the ninth.  Now with run line wagering, dominate teams can get better prices against the teams that have waved the white flag in August.  Tonight we have one such an opportunity at +140 to boot.  Let us go to Texas and see what Houston has for us this evening.

Run Line Houston

A fire sale burned the bridges on salvaging the season for the Detroit Tigers.  Price, Soria, and others were dealt off for prospects by a former champion level team.  Now this season has the proud playing out the string.  A sore subject let alone on the road.  Throw in ninety degree evenings in Houston and many are just trying to stay cool and get some quality swings.  This is a good reason but the next one cinches it.

Big Bat Against Slow Fast Ball

The league has come to copes with the fact that Verlander has lost his fire in his fastball.  It is still a good pitch but the better hitters can get around on it consistently.  Houston goes through phases in their offenses where they can hit anything let alone this floater.  The over 7 1/2 total looks tasty but you have to play some vig to do so.

This is why the RL has so much appeal.  Close to a ninety point difference in price is given for this one for a mere run.  Most of the times when Houston wins this outcome, they will do so in grand fashion.  Once in a while Justin will pitch lights out but even the Astros ML goes down with the vig intact.  For all of these reasons, APEX Baseball Betting opts for the – 1 1/2 at +140 at America’s Bookie.  Good fortune on 8/15 and we will see how we did next time.