Round the Bases for the Start of September

American League baseball fans have a lot to think over this holiday weekend.  How can one Tiger do so well and the whole team fall off the face of the Earth.  Find out what polarizing force has thrown fluctuation into the Twins chances?  All this and more in this edition of APEX Baseball Betting.

  • How can Miguel Cabrera be batting .361 and the Tigers be so awful?  Only signing Cespedes and a couple of free agents will be able to staunch the bleeding in the Motor City for 2016!
  • All or Nothing for the Twins Miguel Sano in August.  He had an over one OPS but at the cost of whiffing forty three times in under 100 at bats.
  • The weight might be the difference in advanced age pitchers CC Sabathia and Mark Buehrle.  Mark is going for his 15th straight 200 plus inning season while Sabathia is coming off the DL again.  A little bit of a trimmer CC could give the Yankees the near equal footing they want against the Jays in these last few weeks.
  • Happiest person to see the Angels collapse.  Top of the list would be Josh Hamilton.  He got crucified for his off the field problems.  Find out that the franchise was more than a slight be disfunctional when it came to supporting any of their team mates.

National League Slant

Bar goers and Cubs’ fans all over the nation are saying that Jake Arrieta is the best they seen in the home colors since Mark Prior way back in 2003.  Meanwhile, the Pirates are making headway in putting to rest the ghosts at Busch Field.  Last nights big win against the Cards is starting to reverse the 7-19 record the Pirates have had there.  Meanwhile, the difference in the NL East might be how the Mets and the Nationals have handled the Phillie of all teams.  NY has throttled them to the tune of a 14-2 record.  Taking care of business has gone to the next level in the demolition of a franchise you should beat night in and night out.

Finally, it was a heck of a run for the Giants.  Yes this is an odd calendar year and San Fransisco has only won in even number ones but it does look bleak.  Swept by the Dodgers and now Lincecum’s brief resurrection looks to be at an end.  We hope that the Dodgers starters can get the bullpen help we are projecting is going to happen this month.  Look for big things for Dodger Blue in the playoffs when this last piece comes together.  Enjoy this day and we will see you next time at APEX Baseball Betting.