Reworking the AL Field After Trade Deadline

Buy if you are close and sell if you are not is the basic mantra this year.  While a premature death notice might have been issued in Detroit, most of the big boys had decisive moves on the days leading up to August 1st.  Now that the carnage is done and the smoke settled, whom benefited?  Which teams blew not only this year but several more?  Let APEX Baseball Betting be your guide to the new world in MLB for the rest of the 2015 season.

Surprise in Texas

Two years into their funk, they have appeared to remember how to play baseball.  Getting Cole Hammels and Jake Diekman got them going with nine wins out of their last thirteen.  If not for the giant kick expected out of the Blue Jays, this team could have been a contender for a Wild Card.  57 games left with thirty two of them against foes below .500 gives them a very favorable schedule.  Health is with them in concerns with their nucleus.  Next year, watch out for the Rangers.

Missing Elements Found

We like the moves to get Toronto to the playoffs.  Their bats are potent but now the starters and bull pen can carry their weight.  With Tulo in the lineup, they can manufacture runs like the Giants and Royals have in the post seaon.  Great things ahead if they can make the playoffs.  Unfortunately, Baltimore is even hotter with the Yankees keeping the pace above the Jays.

  • Minnesota Twins added an arm but with limited offensive potential gives the bleak prospects for the playoffs.
  • Angels – Disregard the free agent moves as team chemistry is down the toilet right now.  If the team mates concerns about CJ are out then this team is on the verge of imploding.
  • NY Yankees were not big players this time around.  Perhaps standing pat is the best thing for this team that gets along once again.

Finally, the Kansas City Royals got better. Hard to believe but now they have another ace to deal from the deck in the post season.  They got past their nemesis this year in Detroit.  Hopefully this will help them seal the deal and tae the series this year.  Good fortune to everyone today in their wagering and we will look at the NL side of things next time here at APEX Baseball Betting.